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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35K & DMC-FZ28K Accessories

Although the DMC-FZ35K/DMC-FZ28K is an excellent camera from the factory, you can also expand its capabilities through the purchase of a few well-chosen accessories.

The camera has two threads; a) a 46 mm female thread on the zoom lens itself for filters. and b) a 55.8 mm female thread on the lens barrel for attaching the lens hood adapter or a conversion lens adapter.

Zoom Lens Protection - Part 1

I believe that the very first thing one should add to their digital camera is a protective UV filter. This camera uses 46 mm M filters. I purchased a Hoya 46 mm filter kit that had a HMC UV (C) filter, circular polarizing filter, neutral density NDx8 and a carry pouch. (Link to Amazon, total cost = $49.95). The UV filter stays on my camera lens at all times. If it gets scratched, it's easy to replace and the lens stays protected.


Zoom Lens Protection - Part 2

When the zoom lens extends to high degrees of magnification, it extends out past the standard factory lens barrel. The lens can be easily damaged when in the extended position if bumped. One solution for protecting the lens when zoomed is to install a lens adapter to the barrel with two step-up rings and a dust cap. This not only protects the lens during full zoom without vignetting effects, but also allows you to turn on the camera with the dust cover on as the lens can't zoom out and hit the lens cap. I learned about this solution here.

This is what I used to make a new protective lens barrel:

  •  A Raynox RT5855W lens adapter, 55.8mm M x 58 mm F (Adorama IRXRT5855W)  plus,
  •  A generic step-up ring, 58 mm M x 62 mm F (Adorama FLU5862) plus,
  •  A generic step-up ring, 62 mm M x 67 mm F (Adorama FLU6267) plus,
  •  A generic center-pinch lens cap 67 mm (Adorama LNCC67)
  •  Total cost = $34.65

This adapter assembly stays on my camera whenever I'm not using my macro or telephoto conversion lenses. Pemaraal also has a unique adapter (~$38) that can provide a similar solution in addition to acting as an  adapter for conversion lenses and filters.

Accessory Lenses

Panasonic sells three accessory lenses for the DMC-FZ35/FZ28, the DMW-LC55 (close-up or macro), the DMW-LW55 (0.7X wide angle) and the DMW-LT55 (1.7X telephoto). All of these lenses must use the Panasonic DMW-LA3 lens adapter. This adapter has a 55.8 mm M thread for the lens barrel and a 55 mm F thread for the conversion lens. The only problem is that the Panasonic lenses are very expensive:

I decided to take a different approach based on feedback I had read in various user groups.

Macro Conversion

In order to get my wide angle macro conversion, I used:

  •  A Janco 55.8 mm M x 58 mm F lens adapter (~$10 on Amazon) plus,
  •  A Zeikos ZE-WA58B 58 mm M 0.45X wide angle macro conversion lens (~$15 on Amazon)


Wide Angle Conversion

In order to get my 0.7X telephoto conversion, I used;

  •  A Panasonic DMW-LA3 55.8 mm M x 55 mm F lens adapter (~$19 on plus,
  •  An Olympus WCON-07 55 mm M 0.7X telephoto conversion lens (~$51 on eBay)


Telephoto Conversion

In order to get my 1.7X telephoto conversion, I used;

  •  A Panasonic DMW-LA3 55.8 mm M x 55 mm F lens adapter (~$19 on plus,
  •  An Olympus TCON-17 55 mm M 1.7X telephoto conversion lens (~$95 on


Of course, there are a couple of other lenses I'd like to experiment with but, for now, they are still on my wish list.

Accessory Power

One can never have enough power so I ordered a spare Li-ion rechargeable battery:


To keep from draining the battery when I'm using the camera in other ways than taking photos, I also ordered an AC/DC adapter:
  •  Panasonic DMW-AC7 ($35 on Amazon)


Miscellaneous Accessories

I got a great deal on a nice Lumix camera shoulder strap (never use your camera without this!):
  •  Panasonic DMW-SSTL1 ($7 on Amazon)



My Accessory Wish List

Raynox makes a large assortment of lenses available for the DMC-FZ35/FZ28. I like these especially:

One day, I may want a cable to feed HD output directly from the camera:

  •  Panasonic DMW-HDC2 component and stereo audio out cable (~$28)